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What is Hydrodemolition?
Hydrodemolition is the process of using high pressure water-jets for the controlled removal or demolition of concrete and is widely regarded as the safest and most efficient method of concrete removal, using a vibration-free process which leaves steel structures and reinforcements in place with no damage to adjacent areas; thus offering an efficient solution when compared with alternative methods.

Hydrodemolition also offers a host of environmental benefits over other methods, both in the fact that the process of high pressure water jetting is quieter than the use of heavy duty machinery or hydraulic power tools and that it is straightforward to collect the waste water for filtering to prevent cross-contamination.

With both manual hand lance and robotic hydrodemolition solutions available, even the most challenging (accessibility or water supply restrictions) or small scale projects can be undertaken by experienced contractors.

At Buxton Water, we are proud to offer both manual hand lance hydrodemolition and robotic hydrodemolition.

Robotic Hydrodemolition Contractor
Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition Contractor

Why Use Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition offers a number of benefits over traditional concrete removal techniques, both in terms of efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness.

  • A Vibration Free Technique
    As a vibration free technique, hydrodemolition eliminates the risk of HAV for operators when compared with other approaches, as well as the reduction of noise in the surrounding areas. This also results in increased accuracy compared with traditional methods.
  • Supporting Structures Remain In Place
    Hydrodemolition removes concrete whilst leaving supporting structures and steel reinforcement in place as well as being cleaned by the water jets, improving efficiency of a project.
  • No Damage Or Cracking Of Adjacent Surfaces
    The high pressure water jets means a vibration-free solution, resulting in no damage or cracking to adjacent surfaces.
  • Leaves An Excellent Bonding Surface
    Hydrodemolition leaves an excellent bonding surface for new applications behind, ready for use.
  • It’s Cost Effective
    When compared with other techniques, hydrodemolition offers a cost-effective solution making is suitable for a whole host of projects where others may not be deemed affordable. The process also typically results in less operational downtime, bringing further cost savings to a project.
  • It’s Quicker Than The Alternatives
    Hydrodemolition typically offers faster concrete removal than alternative methods, bringing with it the above outlined economical benefits.
  • It’s Versatile
    With either hand lance or robotic hydrodemolition, the technique is able to be utilised even in instances where accessibility or water supply restrictions exist which may prevent the use of other methods of concrete removal.
  • It’s Accurate
    One of the main benefits of hydrodemolition is the accuracy which the method offers when compared with alternatives. With no damage to adjacent surfaces, the method is perfect in instances when certain sections need to be removed whilst others are left in tact. Our robotic fleet offers the highest level of accuracy possible.
  • An Incredibly Safe Solution
    Hydrodemolition is typically regarded by civil engineers as the safest and most efficient concrete removal solution.
  • An Environmentally Friendly Method
    With no dust or noise pollution, you can be sure there’s no detrimental impact to the environment when using hydrodemolition.
Hydrodemolition and Concrete Removal

Health & Safety

Health and safety is undoubtedly the primary concern of all hydrodemolition contractors, and questions are often asked surrounding this area.

Whilst high pressure water jetting is considered the safest approach to concrete removal and demolition, our team remain committed to upholding the highest health and safety standards.

All operators are required to wear protective equipment as standard; steel-toed boots, eye protection, earmuffs and a hard hat for robotic hydrodemolition and steel-toed boots, metatarsals, shin guards and sometimes body armor for hand lance hydrodemolition.

Buxton Water Ltd are proud members of the Water Jetting Association, Chas, RISQS, Constructionline, Link-Up and are certified under the CSCS.

Hydrodemolition Water Usage

We are commonly asked questions surrounding the water usage of both robotic hydrodemolition and hand lance hydrodemolition and, whilst this is something which must be considered in relation to a specific project, as a general rule robotic hydrodemolition offers an efficiency of around 30% water usage compared to hand lance hydrodemolition, as a result of the angle of the water jet on impact.

When it comes to waste water treatment; there’s a requirement for that produced during hydrodemolition to be dealt with in a safe manner, something handled professionally by our experienced contractors.

Hydrodemolition Testimonials

Please see below a number of testimonials from a number of recent hydrodemolition projects:

Chris Coleman – Site Agent for AE Yates Limited commented; “Thanks to everyone at Buxton Water for your hard work and efforts over the last few months to get us to this point, although this hasn’t always been the easiest of jobs due to the logistics and its tight nature I am pleased with your performance on site, the lads attitude has been great, I feel when there has been issues we’ve come together well to rectify these.”

Water Jetting Association
Water Jetting Association
Water Jetting Association
Water Jetting Association
Water Jetting Association
Safe Contractor
UVDB Achilles
ISO 9001 Certified
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