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Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition

Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition Services

In instances where there is a requirement for high pressure water jet concrete removal yet restrictions apply or only a small volume needs to be removed, manual hand lance hydrodemolition is the ideal solution.

Utilising the latest technology in high pressure water jets, manual lance hydrodemolition is the perfect alternative to robotic hydrodemolition under the following circumstances:

  • Accessibility Restrictions
    Where access is restricted and it would be impossible (or prove difficult) to utilise robotics, concrete removal is possible using manual lance hydrodemolition.
  • Restricted Water Supply
    In cases where access to a water supply is either restricted or limited, concrete removal can be achieved using manual lance hydrodemolition, removing the requirement of a fixed water supply.
  • A Smaller Volume Of Concrete Removal Required
    When only a smaller volume of concrete is required to be removed, it makes sense to utilise manual lance hydrodemolition to maintain a cost-effective solution.

Typically, manual lance hydrodemolition will see the removal of approximately 1 cubic metre of concrete per crew per day.

Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition in Liverpool
Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition in Blackpool M55

Why Choose Manual Lance Hydrodemolition?

Manual lance hydrodemolition offers the benefits of high pressure water jet concrete removal over other traditional techniques in cases of restrictions or small volume requirements:

  • The safest & most efficient method of concrete removal
  • Environmentally friendly and vibration-free
  • Leaves supporting structures in place
  • Leaves a perfect bonding surface
  • No damage to surrounding surfaces
  • Cost efficient compared to other methods
Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition Contractor
Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition UK

Our Equipment

Buxton Water are committed to maintaining industry-leading manual lance hydrodemolition equipment, ensuring we are able to offer the right solution to every project.

If you would like to discuss the equipment which we use and any restrictions on a specific project, we welcome you to get in touch on 01942 290130.

Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition Testimonials

Please see below a number of testimonials from a number of recent manual hand lance hydrodemolition projects:

Chris Coleman – Site Agent for AE Yates Limited commented; “Thanks to everyone at Buxton Water for your hard work and efforts over the last few months to get us to this point, although this hasn’t always been the easiest of jobs due to the logistics and its tight nature I am pleased with your performance on site, the lads attitude has been great, I feel when there has been issues we’ve come together well to rectify these.”

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Water Jetting Association
Water Jetting Association
Water Jetting Association
Water Jetting Association
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